Good morning my lovely students

             Today , Monday June , the thirteen , 2011.

             New semester and the final , last term of yours.

             You will graduate soon so you must know everything in economic world.

             We 'll communicate in my blog, assignment , homeworks and so on.

             Thank you for joining us , go together and receive your success.


       Assistant Professor Doctor Krisada



Dear students

       Every class you must manage class in circle model in order to see your friends speak. Remember me , speak & comment in Eng. language to improve your knowledge.

       The last thing , prepare your name card (like freshy name card) for me to call you.

      Don't late , 20 Baht / time

                             thanks a lot

                              Dr. Krisada



       Next assignment , all of you search about economics or financial news , paste in this blog and translate in to Thai.

       Do this work individually , send within 12.00 p.m. Thursday 30 this month and don't late.

       Send your picture too , I will remember your behavior in the class.




   Assignment for this week :

        Search and analyze the ecomomic situation  and mechanism that the new cabinet will use for the next 4 years.

        This assignment for everyone (individual not group). Search in Eng. and translate in to Thai smoothly. You must send before this Friday 14 th. July 12.00 p.m.. I'll wait for your work to check and give your mark for grading in this course.

                             thanks a lot

                              Dr. Krisada



       These assignment are

        1. up load the picture of you and your mom and write the message from your heart to her.

         2. brief about SET and other capital market in Thailand in Power Point pattern : write in CD and print on paper with black & white in your old group.

         3. send to this blog within 12.00 p.m. Friday 12th August 2011.