The English language is increasingly important in the modern world of information and technology.English is becoming an international language.Anyone who cannot use English loses something in life. We have not been successful in teaching and learning English.Although we have studied English for about ten years, many of us cannot speak it. It's time for us to learn to speak English.We need not be an expert in English;just be able to speak and commnicate in English with people around the world. DEAR ENGLISH TEACHERS is a guide to improve teaching and speak English. Try to understand it,and you'll be better in speaking and teaching English. Be sure that anyone can learn to speak English.Just don't be afraid to make mistakes.The more we practice, the better we speak. The best way to learn to swim is to swim, and the best way to learn to speak English is to speak.There is no better way. I hope your English will be better soon, and your students as well. Samroeng Lacharojana