"The Obstacle of Life"

"The great Barrier of Life is in Oneself"

The space is the great hall of emptiness, the great channel of space is the free way for going on. The universe is the great space for the smallest dusts exist and other galaxies. The universe is entirely full of space or emptiness. Many billions of planet that are floating in the space are barriers of space in the universe. Yet it still always remains free eternally. The big issues in the universe are travelling from place to place because each of it is so wide and has to spend so much time of uncountable years.

We are just a smallest dust of the dust in this universe. The solar system is in the space of universe and it has a small group on its range. In this range has eight planets including to its stars, satellites. The sun is the center of solar system and planets orbit in cycle continually. They, planets, exist in their area, yet each of it stays freely. No any obstacle for planet that goes around in the space.

For the world is a planet of solar system, there is enough space for every things. It is always opening for living beings, in which live their spaces. The world’s area is full of space for things exist. The world has not an obstacle for going around the sun except asteroids from space that attack it. Things, in which live and grown up this world, may confront to the great barriers for survival. The great obstacle of living things is different high and low places, thick forest, barren dessert and diseases.

Moreover, life is limited in time and of parent’s genes including to its action. The world gives us a chance and space so it does not have a fence naturally. We can go to every where and every angle of it. Now each of country has airplanes that fly from place to place, it helps us going quickly and pleasantly. Then what is our obstacle else? Is it a language or money or aspiration? Going on for getting “O”, emptiness.

On the land, main way, express way, local way, motor way and so on, are the public way for going from a place to other place. We can travel by walking, a car and water way which has throughout space. On the way, it may be crowded with cars or the multitude that we cannot go conveniently and freely. It is a problem for going on the land due to has many obstacles.

When men want go together to the same goals, during of the way, the space for going there is occupied. The land of the world, each country there is spaces where are divided into the owner of the land. The land is fenced with a sign of occupied place. We cannot enter the land, if you enter it you may be charged as violator the land without permission. So very places where we may not get there easily because the space is occupied. This is our obstacle in living this world.

Life is in body, the body consists of material that it grown up and expands in vertex and horizon. So each of us has different shapes, big or tall, some is fat and other is thin. So much body mass may be obstacle for movement to places. The body is under natural law that is limited in time, gene, action and gravity. In during living on we may die or get accident at once. Having body causes getting disease or get injure badly, sometimes it may be paralysesed.

Since our body is drawn on the land when we go into the mountain or climb up the ladder we will feel tired and exhausted. In the body there is mind exists it is as body’s condition and it cannot live freely without body. So the obstacle of mind is on body’s an obstacle and its ignorance. Mind has barriers to success and enlightenment.

Whole life has its obstacle that is birth, oldness, death and existence. By the way, there is ignorance, desire and angry those are the great barrier of life entirely. Obstacle of existence is birth without ceasing, ignorance without wisdom, death without overcoming it. Life is an existence, one existence is one birth and death.

If life is reincarnation and in many cycles of life that is the great barrier of living beings. When body becomes the body that means nothing and it is space of world rebacking. It is ready for other occupied again and again.


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