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Accessibility of a great number of online chemistry journals is subjected to a mixed paying policy: the publisher may grant free access to a selected set of volumes (issues) while the admission to the rest of the database may be open just to subscribers or paying visitors. Quite often the information on the availability status is hidden deeply in the publisher's website pages and this complicates finding the free part of content.

The Directory makes this task easier by listing the fully and partly free journals that comply with the following criteria:

  • publisher's grading of a journal as peer-reviewed;
  • one-year, at least, free full-text content, or extensive free supplements to printed versions of papers;
  • chemistry or chemistry-related subject coverage;
  • English language of articles (journals in Russian are also listed on a separate page).


We selected the journals based on their free availability to reader, but not on publishers’ strategies, which were different (Open Access Initiative, publisher's promotional strategy, government's funding, etc.) for different journals and publishers.


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