2006-12-09 Malacca, Malaysia

At 8.00am, from the Hotel I took taxi to KL Sentral and leave my Baggage and Backpack in the locker at KL Sentral station before I went to Puduraya station. Only RM9.40 from KL to Malacca by Delima Coach but I waited for 2 hours coz have many people and Coach to late for 0.5 hour too.
I have breakfast at the alley in front of the station. Very small Noodle shop and seller don’t understand English. The old man avoid when I ordered but I made an effort. Good luck I asked for someone to help me and I can have delicious noodle…he he!!!

When I waited, I called TG officer to confirm my return ticket to Thailand but had a problem for me. My ticket confirmed in this afternoon not on Monday. He told me can’t change coz today flight. I’m very worry and said that I can’t too coz now I stayed in Singapore. Sure I lied but how can I do…don’t told him lah J And then everything’s ok. Go ahead!!!

2 hours from KL to Malacca I met Mr.WAN, student from KL university. His home’s in Malacca. We‘ve a little talk coz I’m very sleepy but I known something more.

At last I went to Malacca by safety. And went to the city by town bus from Malacca Sentral, a Modern transportation, to Christ Church….only 80 cent.
Christ Church / Trishaw/ The ‘A Famosa’ fortress

It is traditionally believed that the history of Malaysia began with the founding of Malacca in 1400 by Parameswara, a Sumatran prince. Thereafter, the state flourished under Malacca Sultanate and eventually became the region’s largest emporium attracting traders from as far as China, India, Arabia and Europe. Malacca came under successive colonial eras.
In the light of its rich historian past, Malacca has been officially declared the ‘Historical City of Malaysia’

Famous historical sites in the state include the A Famosa, Stadhuys, St.Paul’s Church, St. John’s Fort and the Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat mausoleums etc.

Malacca’s children / Dutch’s Windwheel /Cendol RM1.20 / Chicken Rice Ball RM10.10

While in Malacca, I enjoy and exciting with many trishaw, and Food such as Cendol and Chicken rice ball in the famous restaurant ‘FAMOSA’ at Jonker Street.

At 5.00 pm I took taxi from Jonker Street to Malacca Sentral not so far but I paid RM12…um!! Maybe expensive.
6.00 pm I came back to KL, the coach so late again and had more traffic jam.
8.30 pm I stayed in the coach but I can’t wait. I told driver to get off and took monorail to KL Sentral coz I manage to took KTM line from KL to Singapore station. I took a local train it took me almost 10 hrs to reach Singapore but at least I can sleep on the train

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