Way to Quality in Bantak Hospital : From Theory to Practice

This paper recieved the excellence award in 13th Annually academic cerebration of Thai MoPH


Way to Quality in Bantak Hospital : From Theory to Practice                                

Phichet Banyati*,

Supaporn Banyati*                                

*Bantak Hospital, Tak

Objective : to study about the concepts and principles that make Bantak Hospital to be accredited both Hospital Accreditation and Health Promoting Hospital Standard from The Institute of Quality Improvement and Hospital Accreditation of Thailand in the same survey, to study the methods and results of quality improvement before and after using The Quality and Healthy House Model and to study the successes factors in Quality Improvement in Bantak  Hospital.

Method : Action research study in Bantak hospital were studied by using observation and interview with documentary analysis during 1997-2004.

Result: The staffs of Bantak Hospital had developed model for quality improvement by themselves that appropriate to apply in their hospital, called The Quality and Healthy House Model. This model made a lot of changes in the best quality such as to the hospital: could expand the hospital size and facilities with donation because of population’s trust, received the standard accreditation in Hospital Accreditation, Healthy workplace, Health promoting Hospital. To staffs : decreased stress in working, made good relationship and teamwork, more give and take to others, increase working with multidisciplinary teamwork and low conflicts. To Bantak District population: Better health status than before using model, increased customer satisfaction and decreased risks in services. To Director: had enough time spending for hospital strategy because of decreasing controlling in activities but focus on result instead. Key success factors for quality improvement in this study were 7 s: commitment, competency, common vision, corporate culture, continuity, communication and community/customer focus.

Conclusion : Bantak Hospital improved quality by using The Quality and Healthy Model. Other hospitals can apply the concepts from this model for quality improvement but the leader and staff must understand in each steps of this model and apply it in their context and can integrate a lot of quality tools or techniques. These hospital should produce 7s key success factors too.                 

Key words : Quality, Quality Management, Hospital Accreditation, Health promoting Hospital

Note : See full paper in Journal of 12th Regional Public Health Science, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand

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