Presenting at conferences: social and intellectual leisure!!!

Thank you to Sherryl Tanian, a guest speaker from School of Marketing, Tourism and Leisure, ECU.

I have attended one research seminar entitiled 'Presenting at conferences.' Many interesting issues came to my mind. I could recognize how my past presentations did some mistakes, even I have experienced as a moderator or public speaker before.

'No one is perfect'....indicating everyone should be willing to learn on someone's experiences, particularly in engaging social and intellectual activities.

Here are the issues I would like to share with everyone krab.

1. Presenter is the message

Most impact of presenting is from nonverbal language. Your presenting should be natural, with no annoying mannerisms. Importantly, the message is being come from your heart or enthosiastic knowledge and passion. Being in control the environment at the seminar room and having fun with the audiences.

2. Tips for presenting  

Please be polite and respectful to everyone. It is important to plan opening and closing, all the rest of contents are being organized in your brain and mind. Never read the message and never start with apology are two concerns. You should think that this is a great time for showing your knowledge and experience. While presenting, please keep calm, use pauses (let the audiences think on your message), maintain eye contact, get on and off fast, and avoid empty words (um).

The last thing is "never say thank you at the end of your presentation" you know why?

This is one essential way to make a memorable finish. Don't shunt down your conversations by saying 'Thank you'...This is a great chance for having social and intellectual expressions..why you let the audiances judge how smart and excellent you have been presenting. At the moment, when the audiences were getting impressed on your messages they would then like to thank and give you interesting comments.

Best of luck to my readers krab.....I will take these tips to the World Conference of Occupational Therapists, as my PhD professional....being held at Sydney next month...once I finished, I will share the memorable experiences with you at there.

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