มุมมองของผู้แต่งหนังสือ Learning to Fly ต่อ KM ประเทศไทย

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มุมมองของผู้แต่งหนังสือ Learning to Fly ต่อ KM ประเทศไทย
Nick Milton ถามเข้าไปใน [email protected] ดังนี้
Do any of you have any experience of working with KM, and in
particular CoPs, in Thailand? If so, can you give me any pointers as
to how the Thai culture aligns with CoPs and KM, compared to the
US/European cultures?
Thanks in advance
Nick Milton
Geoff Parcell [email protected] ตอบดังนี้
Hi Nick
I made a few visits to Thailand during my secondment to the UN helping with
the response to AIDS.  The Thais have an enormous appetite for learning, and
they are very quick to apply what they have learned.
Thai society is very strong on community. It is at the heart of their
progress towards limiting the spread of the HIV virus. They tackle issues as
communities, are inclusive, and get solutions as a result. I spent 4 days at
a workshop in Khon Kaen where 7 border communities came together to share
and learn from each other. It was a very happy occasion and lots of
knowledge was exchanged.
There is a very active Institute for Knowledge Management and they are great
fans of "Learning to Fly". They have a website but unfortunately for us it
is in Thai script. Government departments such as the Ministry of Health
practice KM and are sharing good practices between hospitals. They also use
it in agriculture.
Internet exchange in my experience is hampered by slow bandwidth but that is
changing fast, so I haven't seen good examples of discussion forums (but
that may just be because I cannot read Thai)
So the culture is very different from US/ Europe but is more receptive to
the concept of community.  Their appetite to learn is impressive as is their
Give me a call if you want more, or contacts
Best regards
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วิจารณ์ พานิช
๓ พย. ๔๘

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Dear Geoff and Nick
You can reach our English summary of Annual Report at

Best regards,
Vicharn Panich
Knowledge Management Institute (KMI)
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Geoff Parcell ได้ตอบ ดังนี้

Good to hear from you again Arjan Vicharn, thanks for the report.
Your aspirational goal is truly humbling;"The ultimate goal of KMI is to turn Thai society into knowledge-based society, learning society, and intellectual/moral-based society".
And your achievements over the last three years are awesome and a lesson to us all in what can be achieved.
     Geoff Parcell