How can Thailand create the "Happiness" country without dirty politics? Answer: Nullify it!

The junta will need the NGOs to polish their image. The NGOs will need the army to establish the new organizations to use public budget.
  1. Thai NGOs and conservative intellectuals have successfully nullify political discourse in the country, thus politics in Thailand is no more.
  2. Without the political parties' machinery, NGOs and conservative intellectuals quietly overshadow people's interests, boosting their own interests instead.
  3. NGOs and conservative intellectuals gradually swallow public budget and government tax to strengthening their own network and organization.
  4. They establish their own organization by public money, install their own network, either key figures or advisory panel in the public organization.
  5. They can do this with the help of the legacy of left-leaning/communist coldwar survivors, of "eliminating" parliamentary politics.
  6. The key phrase in the discourse is "patronage power & privileged capitalism" (อำนาจนิยมอุปถัมภ์ -ทุนนิยมอภิสิทธิ์). Exemplifying the "state" and "capitalism".
  7. So this paves the way for the "cute" , "nice", and "clean" NGOs to capture the power of state. Despite, they are another kind of politician.
  8. However, these NGOs, can manage and control state power and public money without the public accountability, like the politicians do.
  9. I think the main shifting of NGOs' funding strategy has been happened after black may 1992, with such organizations as สสส, TPBS, NBTC, and so on.
  10. However, NGOs couldn't do that alone, they need to share power with the bureaucrat, the army, journalists and the intellectuals. Thaksin is their fortunate to accomplish their mission.
  11. Most international foundations (that used to supply funding to those NGOs during coldwar era) have withdrawn from Thailand because of the ending of cold-war, and progression of economic development and democratic environment since Chartchai's government.
  12. These backdrops had made NGOs lacking funding to survive themselves. Thus, pressing NGOs to securing new fund. สสส's model is the answer.
  13. With this kind of condition, Thailand cannot reach the mature and advance democratic country. We need to "eliminate" such condition first.
  14. Coup mechanism -> tricker the corruption accusing, exemplify it through media, stage uprising & street rally, thrusting the coup, joining NLA (and enjoying monthly earning without any public accountability).
  15. The junta will need the NGOs to polish their image. The NGOs will need the army to establish the new organizations to use public budget.
  16. BTW, I think Thai public are already acknowledged this. They know that they lack the power to do anything. They just entertain themselves with drama from day to day.
  17. I think they will be more nonsense organizations to consume public budget and tax money in the near future via the manipulation of the new constitution. #RIP

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