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Car Tax Calculator

Calculate how much tax you could pay on your company car

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Car Tax Calculator
Just got a new job or promotion? If you've been offered a company car, find out how much it will cost you using our simple calculator.

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Car Details

Enter car data manually, or click here to look up car data. For example, if you don't know the list price or the CO2 emissions value of your company car:
  1. Click the 'look up car data' link.
  2. Select the make and model and you get the relevant car data.
  3. Click the 'Return to Car Tax Calculator' link to return to this page. You'll find the first section has already been completed for you.
Fuel Type: Petrol  Diesel
List Price Of Car (£):
Value Of Options (£):
CO2 Emissions Value (g/km):
European Emissions Standard:

Euro II Euro III Euro IV

Finance Details

You will find these details on your payslip. If you're unsure, check with your payroll department.
Your Personal Tax Rate: 10.0% 22.0% 40.0%
Monthly Contribution (£):
Personal Capital Contribution (£):

Mileage Details

If you've been using your own car for business, calculate how many miles you do on average per year. If you already have a company car, enter your business miles for last year.
Annual Business Mileage (miles):



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