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To: [email protected]
Subject: Email Me @
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 09:48:26 +0700

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Hello ครู บัว ทองกะไลย,

This is a contact mail from a user.
Please reply directly to the user ([email protected]).

: Weera Phansawat
Address: [email protected]
: Nice to know, you are great.

Dear Kru. Bua.

This is the one that I'm trying to refresh my very good memory
by getting back to my school,when I'm in the web of U-Thong School
then the one that makes me suprised is the name of my teacher " Bua
Thongkalai" showing up on the web-page.
I don't know whether you remember me or not, never mind I will
help to refresh some your memory.
My name is Weera Phansawat. I'm Donputsa School Alumni. Por.1 in
year B.E 2521. The group of teacher during that period is
Kru.Aram,Kru.Thongyib,Kru.Somboon, Kru.Phanee and you also,please
correct me if am wrong.!!
I graduated P.6 from Donputsa School then continue the Secondary
School at U-Thong School until Mor.3 after that to continue my
Second-half Secondary School M.4-6 in Bangkok.
I graduated Bachelor degree in Engineering and Master Degree in
Management. Now I'm working in MNC company.while I'm witing this mail
,am in Singapore for training and trasferring business and
maufacturing to Thailand.
How are you doing now? Your phisical looks more change from the past.

Please reply me back as well,due to I need to keep you in touch
for how good you are . It seem like you teach in English Sector,is it

I hope to meet you sometime also.

Best Regards,

To: [email protected]
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 02:11:42 -0500
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I'm very glad to hear from the student from Donputra school.I had spent the first year

teaching there and I had stayed in Wad Donputra with Luang Por. It was so adventurous for me. Now I'm getting very old, do please send me your photos

I wonder how beautiful English language you've got.You've said you still work

in Singapore or in Thailand.

That's right I'm Kru Bua Torngkalai. I've been teaching

English in Mattayom 1 at Uthong school. I am chosen to be the best teacher about teaching English award

from our Educational Zone of 6 provinces; Suphan, Kanchanruri,Petchaburi,Prachuabkirikan,Samutsakorn and Samutprakarn.

Uthong chool perhaps gave me a congratuation by posting me at the website of Uthong School.

I myself know that’s not true. I can communicate just an A B C English. I’m very proud of you . You ‘ve got such a prosperous job and had done already a master degree. That’s so good for the student which is very much ahead from your teacher.

If there is an occasion you're getting be back to Suphanburi . Do please let me see you.

I’ve got a small house at Soi Sabaijai opposite to Uthong school. This is my telephone number;

01 1948617. 

                                                     With best wishes and a big surprise!

                                                                         Kru Bua

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