Study Meeting on Methodology and Framework for Measurement of KM Applications in Yogjakarta

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Story Telling by picture 1 ( First day)

Study Meeting on Methodology and Framework for Measurement of KM Applications

  APO (Asean Productivity Organization) is an inter-government regional organization established by Convention in 1961 by several government in Asia and the pacific. 

  APO is non-political,non-profit making and non-discriminatory.

  Apo Strated introducing the KM concept as a tool for increasing productivity and competitiveness in 2001.

  Objective of this meeting is to review KM practices and experince in APO member countries with the purpose of identifying and developing framework and methodology for measuring the succes of KM implementation in the Asean context and meeings.

 Picture 1:Opening Ceremony by Mr.Sutanto(Left) APO Liason Officer for Indonesia. Remarks by APO representative:Dr.A.K.P Mochtan

 Picture 2:Group picture of resource persons and all participants.

 Picture 3:Review of KM concept by Prof.Dr.H.Michael Chung from California State University.

Picture 4:Excellence through K culture and K capital:Mr.Agus Samsudin

Picture 5:Latest Management and Performance Improvement Tools in Indonesia by Dr.Hani Handoko

Picture 6:Welcome Diner by APO Indonesia

Picture 7:Jogjakarta in the afternoon


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