Mega dam project for Shan State


  Mega dam project for Shan State  

Mega dam project for Shan State

THAI company has reached agreement with the government to build a massive
hydro-electric dam on the Than Lwin River in southern Shan State. The dam,
expected to cost up to US$4 billion, will be the biggest of its kind in
Southeast Asia, said Mr Swarng Champa, managing director of the
Bangkok-based MDX Group, after the agreement was signed with the
Department of Hydro-electric Power in Yangon on December 20. The MDX Group
will finance the 4600 megawatt project through its own resources and loans
raised in Thailand, Mr Swarng told Myanmar Times in a telephone interview.
Most of the electricity generated by the dam will be sold to Thailand. The
company will build the dam across the Than Lwin River near Tasam township,
about 300 miles northeast of Yangon. It will be a build, operate and
transfer project, providing for the dam to be eventually returned to the
government, though these details and those surrounding the sale of
electricity to Thailand are yet to be finalised. Mr Swarng said a
preliminary study carried out seven years ago had resulted in plans for a
dam 800 metres long and about 220 metres high. He said the first phase of
the project, due to be completed in 2007, involved the installation of 200
megawatt turbine to provide power for construction purposes and to supply
nearby communities. The second phase of the project involves the
installation of another three turbines capable of Measures taken by the
committee to improve road safety have included educational campaigns and
heavy fines for those caught violating traffic regulations. The committee
has also installed road signs urging safer driving and has broadcast
traffic safety measures on television. The Yangon City Development
Committee is also working to reduce the accident rate. U Aung Zin, the
deputy head of the YCDC's engineering department (roads and bridges) said
road safety projects included the installation of yellow flashing lights
at some pedestrian crossings and 'cat eye' reflectors in some areas to
make centre lines more visible at night.

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