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It is a branch of philosophy about beauty and beauty. By studying the aesthetic value according to the experience of the recipient in art and nature, this is the aesthetic direction.

Aesthetics come from the Greek Aisthetikos meaning to know by sensation.

There are 3 elements in aesthetics:

1. Beauty

2. Picturesqueness

3. Sublimity

The content of Aesthetics is divided into 3 areas:

1. The Philosophy of The Aesthetic

Focus: study beauty. Strange and strange. The remarkable

2. Philosophy of Art

 Highlight: 4 levels of beauty value:

1. The symbolic level is Architecture (Architecture).

2. The classic level is a sculpture.

3. The romantic level is the work of mental, music (Painting, music).

4.The highest level is poetry (poetry).

3. The Philosophy of Criticism emphasizes: the interpretation or evaluation of artistic beauty.

Aesthetic theory

1. Pleasure theory or Hedonism

Emphasis: Immediate preference is the goal A wise person takes away favor at every opportunity.

2. Imitation theory in Plato and Aristotle emphasizes: photography. Because images are true representations of objects. Realistic drawing requires finding a fixed pattern and observing its posture, such as how a man, a tiger, a horse.

3. The Expression Theory emphasizes: works of art that affect the mindset of the viewer to have emotion in it.

4. The Mystic Theory emphasizes: people with special senses can understand the value of beauty.

5. Theory of Mind (Subjectivist theory) Emphasis: Beauty as the recipient knows. For example, what we like is beautiful to us.

6. Objectivist theory focuses on the beauty of objects that we see. It is a feature of art. It does not depend on people like or dislike.

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