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Ariya Jutanugarn won Major U.S. Open  because she passed failure. (Growth Mindset)

Last Sunday, I woke up to watch a major level of golf tournament called “U.S. Open”.

During the first 9 holes competition, I was very happy because she had seven-shot lead, I thought that she would certainly win. I waited to celebrate her success. As a Thai, I am proud of her.

During the last 9 holes competition, she became stressful. The rivals’ scores quickly caught up with hers. She made mistakes. She had triple bogeys. They tied after the end of the 18th hole.

There were tie-breaking competitions for 2 holes. I watched one and turned off the TV. I thought that she would certainly lose. This loss would greatly suffer her. However, she incredibly won.

I would like to share this experience to the reader. Ariya Jutanugarn has passed failure. Despite her 2-shot lead for the last hole, she incredibly lost in the tournament in Thailand. Some are great experience because she has passed failure and pain.

This is called “Growth Mindset”. It means that Ariya Jutanugarn has self-confidence under pressure of failures but overcomes and learns from them. If she never learns from failure, she may not have opportunities to succeed.

This time, all readers should learn from failure and adjust mindset to be ready to manage failure. My work and life are similar. I must face a lot of obstacles. If we overcome them, they are our life success. Life does not have only success. We must firstly have pain.

Ariya Jutanugarn is not only a sport role model. This can be applied to all works which must face past failures and be lesson learnt. That is to have growth mindset to be ready to learn and manage several obstacles.

Fixed Mindset is the failure to learn from failure. Growth Mindset is to manage change and turn failures into future success.

I predict that Ariya Jutanugarn will become prosperous in the future. She is now 22 years old. I am proud of her because she is a high quality human capital with the global standard. Not only sport, she is also a good role model of adjusting mindset for general works.

This week, I led more than 70 participants of King Philosophy and Leadership Development for Thailand 4.0 Era Project Phase 2 mostly comprising of the executives from EGAT, NBTC and TOT to study visit on Doi Tung Model in Chiang Rai. It was an in-depth study visit to learn about Mae Fah Luang Handbook and King Philosophy to be able to analyze the thinking principles, work process, and concept on Doi Tung Development Project based on the Royal Initiatives to apply to work, community and society development in the future based on the individual and organizational context.

Doi Tung Model was developed by Princess Mother’s kindness to Thais. It was based on her intention “nobody wants to be bad but the lack of opportunities and choices put them in that status” and her initiative “I will reforest on Doi Tung”. She wanted to see green abundant forest on Doi Tung. It led to systematic and strategic land development and management. Up to now, Doi Tung area has been revived to be protected forest, consumption forest and economic forest. All Doi Tung people have been developed to get Thai nationality and education. It is people development by providing education and jobs to earn a living and independently feed the families as well as implanting to love their communities.

Doi Tung Development Project has been continuously successful based on Mae Fah Luang Handbook as Sustainable Life Alternative Development for more than 30 years. Nowadays, Doi Tung is praised and recognized by the global community to be the development roadmap to sustainable solutions. I hope that “Doi Tung Model” will expand more to upgrade our social development to grow with sustainability amidst the global changes.

Prof. Dr. Chira Hongladarom


Source: Learning from Reality with Dr. Chira Column. Naewna.

             Saturday 9 June 2018, p.5

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