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Recommendations for the New Generation and Future Forward Party

When I was young, I was a new generation person. I got a lot of opportunities to work. At that time, I thought that the world belonged to me. The old generation seemed to be out-of-date. I was unhappy with them. I was proud that the world belonged to us only. As time passed, I saw that the new generation people should be prudent in expressing ideas. They should not be overconfident. Working successfully needs several factors. Today, I would like to give these recommendations.

1. I would like to admire the new generation people for playing major roles in several areas. Digital Technology is their competitive advantage. Envy is that the new generation people have a lot of opportunities. Amidst a lot of opportunities, there is a warning that we still lack experiences.

2. Therefore, we must know and discover our strengths and weaknesses.

3. Thailand has cultures of several levels like nation, organization and family. The latest technology is not enough. They must deeply study history and Thai cultural heritage.

4. Besides peers or people having less generation gap, the new generation people should search for good mentors and coaches for continuous improvement and learning seniors’ experiences. Those seniors have passed failure based on my 3L’s Theory.

- Learning from pain

- Learning from experiences

- Learning from listening

5. They should think carefully how to live in the diverse society in the future. Etiquette is an important qualification. If we fail, how should we adjust to have sustainable lives? For Mr. Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit’s Future Forward Party, I had opportunities to talk to and know him for several years. I like him as a businessman loving doing activities when he studied engineering and political economics. He graduated from Thammasat University and Chulalongkorn University which can admirably develop human capital. I admire him for his interest in the politics. However, I would like to leave a few recommendations.

First, he must be careful if he proposes anything contradicted to 2R’s Theory: Reality and Relevance. He may be too hurriedly to say something impossible or causing conflicts. Thailand has a lot of principles. Thais still keep their eyes on him. On example was Absolute Amnesty during Yingluck’s era. Without this, there would not be People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC). He must think carefully, be patient and not cause conflict.

A problem found in the new generation people is that they do not think carefully but want to amend it. They do not care for negative impacts on any aspects.

Finally, I would like to share some ideas on Naewna newspaper that Future Forward Party led by Mr. Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit thinks that sufficiency is poverty.

I have heard this long time ago. In the past, several politicians said that Sufficiency Economy obstructed Thais’ development so they live like poor people without economic growth.

During the election campaign, this may be interesting. Khun Thanathorn should carefully study King Rama IX’s concept. Not only Thailand applies his Sufficiency Economy concept. The global and UN level still apply Sufficiency Economy as the tool to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

I would like to tell Future Forward Party that if they do not know well, they must understand and access more. Then, they will mislead people all over Thailand.

King Rama IX emphasized on these aspects.



-Any groups having sufficiency can expand without risks.

King Rama IX did not oppose to growth. However, growth must firstly have a strong basis. If we want to grow but have risk, we cannot certainly have the bright future because we cannot manage risks.

What Khun Thanathorn says is not based on the reality. If we live with sufficiency, it means that we have stable basis. If we have stable basis, we can have unlimited potential to be rich at the global level because it is a sustainable wealth.

I would like to leave these concepts here.

Prof. Dr. Chira Hongladarom


Source: Learning from Reality with Dr. Chira Column. Naewna.

             Saturday 2 June 2018, p.5

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