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Assessment of bigfin reef squid (Sepioteuthis lessoniana Lesson)fisheries status at Sikao Bay, Trang ProvinceAuthor(s): Thapanand, T. and W. Phetsut  Abstract:As assessment of bigfin reef squid stock at Sikao Bay from 1987 to 1997revealed that the squid resources in this area has been overfished since 1991 thatresulted to the decreasing of the catches in the following years. However, with thedecline of fishing efforts, the catches increased again. The study showed that theMaximum Sustainable Yield of the bigfin reef squid was 301.693 tons and its optimumfishing effort was 54,000 days. Thus, for the sustainable yield of bigfin reef squid in thisarea the number of fishermen should be limited to 225.Publication: Thai Fish. Gaz., 53(5): 445-454. (2000) (in Thai) 

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