Hope and Pride

Hope and Pride

Life is all we have, but life is tough
When what we can scrape is never enough.
Racism, prejudice and injustice, though much denied
Leave scars and wounds - even life leaking from side to side.

They say - a time to work and a time to rest
But not for us. We who are born unblessed.
Landless, almost nameless, little education
Payless, always lacking - any qualification.

Some of us are by chance or by certain tests, unable
When every move, arm or leg, painfully not simple.
Parks, pools, beaches, public open space, obstacles unnoticed
Disability access, work and safety; things designers missed.

We live on our bodies - hard physical, honest work
We live in our shanties - lacking facilities, any perk.
We look up to Hope - tears in eyes, trembles on lips
Hope looks down - past us - she has great sympathy, but no tips.

Another century, we are left to climb rocky steep
Another society, we are promised many rights to keep
Another country, we can strive for mutual respect
Another thought, we can tick a ballot to elect.

So much to beg for change, steady, slow and humble
So much to cry, march or strike - chaotically rumble.
It is in our way - in every stride
It is our only way - to live with Pride.


[No! They are not Hope and Pride. But 2 rainbow lorikeets feeding on a friend. Note the claws on fingers - they can hurt.]

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1) Thank you

: for your unfailing support.

2) There are a number "tips from Hope" in a book in gototknow.org :

“ทำอย่างไรจะพัฒนาศักยภาพของบุคคลหรือประชาคมเหล่านี้ให้มีสุขภาวะอยู่เย็นเป็นสุข” eg.

Thank you all. Your work show us you care and try to help people who are living with Pride.

มีรักมาฝาก. มีดอกไม้มามอบให้ ..

This flower is young and beautiful all-over. But things are not like that 'always'.

Cycles of life-death, war-peace, creation-destruction,... somewhere in their life-time are beautiful moments for us to hang on to. ;-)

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Hi คุณมะเดื่อ : Thank you for the pic - I used to practice drawing and painting with these flowers.

I am very sorry not to say hello back sooner. P;ease forgive me.

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