Universes at Home

Universes at Home

It is a strange Winter this Winter we have down under. It was like Summer days on Wednesday and Thursday. The temperature was around 18c at night and 27C at day. And we had some little showers. Then came the winds from Antarctic Zone in the South. We are now shivering with 6C at night and 23C at day. Winter has re-issued another warning. It is not ready to leave yet. Spring will to wait a while longer. Weather is ‘anatta’. We have to accept it as it is.

[This is named “Universe #2”.]

Down on the bank of our front dam, we found these natural arts.

[The white stars are spent/fallen ‘(native) paperbark trees’ flowers, among them is a reflection of the afternoon Sun.]

At the town park, we found this:

[This is as close to gold-and-green as we can get in this warm Winter 2016.]
Everywhere we go, we can find amazing treasure awaiting. Enjoy! For life is not forever.

(PS I wish G2K’s textbox would not argue with me when I make new paragraphs or change my indentation.)

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Thank you GD

How is life in BKK?

That was the way I saw - those flowers among the green leaves - all happy and smiling in the Sun. A moment in space-time, Nature shines through.

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