First Time

First good impression will make new idea for KM.


             I was very surprised logging in this web. It's my first time

blog touring . There were many interesting blogs that make

 me.......WOW.  Many people have many experiences to

share with us. I added "KMI THailand", managed by Prof.

Vicharn Panich, in our planet. There were 2,030 records which

one that big interested me was "BIG HEART" in chapter 7 of

Chaordic Organization. The Prof. intended to write about

Chaordic Organization and Complex Adaptive System (CAS)

which were the main syetems to KM and he  told that there will

be 30 chapters next. I'd like to read it and will try to extract to tell

u in my way. That's my understanding in AAR and Note taker

method from "Phou Kaew", isn't it. Pls, Dr.Kong, Guru of HPC8

KM, tell me if you read this.

   I didn't tell u why I write in Eng. Yesterday I had Eng.

exam at Krom Vitesahakarn ,can't remember Eng. name. If u

know who take this exam with me, ask them how they feel,

    or .......... or...........  

or...........   or............. ...............55

I think anybody will be     

but I'm sure all of us don't be    .


"Eng. is the bitter medicine" but it is important. Let's try.

I believe we will be all   .    See u,  in Eng. and Thais,

if I can.

                                                    Daeng............Dee ^________^


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welcome nurseopd!

wow ,u're so smart to read blog of Prof.Vicharn.

I agree with u that his writing about Chaordics organization ,it make reader get ideas &inspirations....

I hope u'll  satisfly with your English exam.

I'm not good at english but I love to try& G2K many blogger such as khun Khajit,kapoom,our master(prof.Vicharn:KMThailand,Dr.prapun:beyondKM)

they willing to share with u in english better than me....hope to read your next story....

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