150924 Amaze & astonish & surprise See Revised bloc # 620175

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We are confused with the use of these (transitive and reflexive) verbs: amaze, astonish, astound,... Transitive verbs are not common in Thai. For examples:

I am amazed to see him there. = He amazes me there. เขาทำให้ฉันแปลกใจ

She surprises me. = I am surprised by her. ฉันตื่นเต้นเพราะเธอ

(In today's language) 'I am blown away by her look' = 'Her look blows me away' is used quite often.


I was lucky to find this Dictionary of Problem words that allowed me the opportunity to do this work.

I use it as guideline for the head words and supplement with info collect from several dictionary such as

Webster -Collins cobuild - Oxford ALD and several others in WordWeb Pro.

I do not have any educational background only interest and experience of a man going 80 next March.

..... อ่านต่อได้ที่: https://www.gotoknow.org/posts/595280


My respect Sir;

I have no wish to offend by adding 'out-of-the-book' use of words to your post. I support what you are doing and believe you are contributing to our learning and development in languages.

We are all learners and we will learn till (or how) we die. I am younger and have much more to learn in several areas. Language is one area that I have tried very hard (later after schooling days ;-)

Keep in health.

Nat Rittaporn
IP: xxx.98.181.106

No hard feeling at all.

Really appreciate yr comment and add-on to what I missed , which will be beneficial to the interesting party.

Please keep carry on and THANKS.

Lucky that I still am in very good health and hope to have enough energy for a big while.


I apologized for my careless post above regarding grammar.

It should have been "I was lucky to have found this Dictionary ------