Compare between Web1.0 and Web2.0

Web 1.0: AOL buys Time Warner.
Web 2.0: Google buys YouTube.

Web 1.0: New media company buys old media company.
Web 2.0: New media company buys new media company.

Web 1.0: Joshua Davis on the cover of Art News.
Web 2.0: 37signals on the cover of Forbes.

Web 1.0: Users create the content (Slashdot).
Web 2.0: Users create the content (Flickr).

Web 1.0: Crap sites on Geocities.
Web 2.0: Crap sites on MySpace.

Web 1.0: Writing.
Web 2.0: Rating.

Web 1.0: Karma Points.
Web 2.0: Diggs.

Web 1.0: Cool Site of the Day.
Web 2.0:

Web 1.0: Tags.
Web 2.0: “Tags.”

Web 1.0: Bookmarking.
Web 2.0: Bookmark sharing.

Web 1.0: Pointless Flash widgets.
Web 2.0: Pointless “Ajax” widgets.

Web 1.0: 12px h2
Web 2.0: 51px h2

Web 1.0: Animated gif
Web 2.0: Badges

Web 1.0: Arial
Web 2.0: Arial Rounded/Georgia

Web 1.0: Bloated Table Code
Web 2.0: Divitis

Web 1.0: Social drinking
Web 2.0: Social bookmarking

Web 1.0: Webmail 2mb storage
Web 2.0: Webmail 2gb storage

Web 1.0: Developers whinging about Netscape users who won’t upgrade to Internet Explorer
Web 2.0: Developers whinging about Internet Explorer users who won’t upgrade to Firefox

Web 1.0 : Deserted blogs on Blogger
Web 2.0 : Deserted blogs on Wordpress

Web 1.0: Large expanses of default-white dotted with unformatted text
Web 2.0: Large expanses of white with a gradient at the top dotted with meticulously formatted and precisely positioned text

Web 1.0: Comic Sans in font tags to give your site that “friendly edge”
Web 2.0: Comic Sans in style sheets with no capitalisation of words to give your site that “friendly edge”

Web 1.0: “Under Construction”
Web 2.0: “Beta”

Web 1.0: Bank loan
Web 2.0: Venture Capital

Web 1.0: Meaningful domain names
Web 2.0: Unpronouncable domain names

Web 1:0: objects
Web 2.0: theory objects

Web 1.0: Site under construction
Web 2.0: Beta

Web 1.0: Flashy banners
Web 2.0: Banner flashes

Web 1.0: Communication
Web 2.0: Conversation

Web 1.0: Times New Roman
Web 2.0: Arial, Helvetica, Verdana (and a bit of Georgia, too)

Web 1.0: Geocities
Web 2.0: Google Pages

Web 1.0: Ajax = Football team in Netherlands
Web 2.0: AJAX = well…

Web 1.0: You and I
Web 2.0: Us

Web 1.0: CEOs
Web 2.0: “Thought leaders.”

Web 1.0 - Dot com bubble
Web 2.0 - Dot com hubble bubble toil and trouble (it runs on witchcraft and other things most folk will never quite understand)

Web 1.0: <p><font …>
Web 2.0: <div><div><div><div><span><h3>

Web 1.0 The bigger the bevel the more important the button
Web 2.0 The shinier the plastic the more important the button

Web 1.0: Inaccessible DHTML
Web 2.0: Inaccessible AJAX

Web 1.0: pop-ups
Web 2.0: flash pop-overs

Web 1.0: Spam emails
Web 2.0: Spam emails and spam comments

Web 1.0: Post copyrighted content
Web 2.0: Download and redistribute copyrighted content

Web 1.0: Rounded corners are new and kinda cool
Web 2.0: Rounded corners are confused with Web 2.0

Web 1.0: Text that wraps to your browser window
Web 2.0: Text that makes you widen your browser window if you want to read it all without horizontal scrolling

Web 1.0 - Bookmark this site!
Web 2.0 - Digg this post!

Web 1.0: bloated, useless DHTML
Web 2.0: bloated, uesless Javascript Libraries

Web 1.0: animated gifs
Web 2.0: scriptaculous

Web 1.0: all talk, no action by the W3C
Web 2.0: all talk, no action by the W3C

Web 1.0: blue background colour
Web 2.0: green background colour

Web 1.0 Annoying and useless Javascript
Web 2.0 Annoying and useless Javascript that means your app doesn’t work cross anything

Web 1.0 “Bullshit eBusiness Seminars”
Web 2.0 “Blogger conferences, and BlogHer Conferences.”

Web 1.0 - Meta Tags
Web 2.0 - SEO

Web 1.0 - Looking for an experienced designer. Must be able to design and implement websites using HTML, CSS. Knowledge of Javascript a bonus.

Web 2.0 - Looking for an experienced designer. The candidate must be affluent in XHTML, CSS, Javascript, DHTML, AJAXY GOODNESS, Ruby on Rails, PHP, JSP, SQL, MySql,, XML, Actionscript (2.0 and 3.0), Adobe CS2 products, Dreamweaver, Coldfusion, Quark, eCommerce, SEO, linux, unix, IIS.

Web 1.0 - Google Ninja
Web 2.0 - AJAX/Web Ninja*

Web 1.0 - Actually design websites
Web 2.0 - Attend and host hundreds of conferences

Web 1.0:
<code><P><FONT COLOR=green SIZE=4>Header</P></FONT></code>
Web 2.0:
<code><h2 class=”sIFR-replaced”><embed style=”width:200px; height:40px;” class=”sIFR-flash” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” sifr=”true” bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” wmode=”" flashvars=”txt=Header&textcolor=#080&w=200&h=40″ quality=”best” src=”/swf/cool-font.swf” height=”40″ width=”200″><span class=”sIFR-alternate”>Header</span></h2></code>

Web 1.0: Old folks have no clue.
Web 2.0: My parents just left a comment on my blog.

Web 1.0: Published standards and browsers that don’t support them
Web 2.0: “De-facto” standards by browsers that don’t support 10-year old standards.

Web 1.0 - I want round corners, nested TABLEs.
Web 2.0 - I want round corners, nested DIVs, Ps, SPANs, DOM manipulations.

web 1.0: rounded corners on table driven layouts
web 2.0: squared table-less CSS layouts

Web 1.0: Links
Web 2.0: Blogroll

Web 1.0: 20,000 Hits on my webpage!
Web 2.0: Ive been dugg 1000 times on Digg!

Web 1.0: Javascript Image Rollovers
Web 2.0: CSS+AJAX Menus

Web 1.0: “The Edge”
Web 2.0: “Cool and Smooth”

Web 1.0: Content is everything
Web 2.0: Someone else’s content is everything

Web 1.0: Programming languages for real men.
Web 2.0: Ruby on Rails.

Web 1.0: Perl or PHP
Web 2.0: Django or Ruby on Rails

Web 1.0: Overly large DHTML libraries.
Web 2.0: Overly large AJAX libraries (with DHTML).

Web 1.0: target=”_blank”
Web 2.0: onclick=”; return false;”

Web 1.0: MS Word
Web 2.0: Writely

Web 1.0: drop shadows
Web 2.0: reflections

Web 1.0: Whining in table-based messageboards
Web 2.0: Whining with style in shiny ajax messageboards

Web 1.0: SQL/Javascript Injection
Web 2.0: Cross-Site Scripting

Web 1.0: Move to Unix-like never-crashing ultra-secure Linux.
Web 2.0: Move to Mac.

Web 1.0: Initial Public Offering
Web 2.0: Venture Capital

Web 1.0 Business Plan: Sell for less than we bought it for.
Web 2.0 Business Plan: Sell ads on stuff we didn’t actually pay for.

Web 1.0: Boxes with border=”0″
Web 2.0: Boxes with style=”border: 1px dotted #CCC;”

Web 1.0: JavaScript Alerts
Web 2.0: Light YellowDiv’s with Grey Borders

Web 1.0: Create Content
Web 2.0: Link to created content

Web 1.0: Audience
Web 2.0: Communities

Web 1.0: Dial up
Web 2.0: Broadband

Web 1.0: Page views and Hits
Web 2.0: Still searching for the measurement metric

Web 1.0: “Sponsored By … ” on web sites.
Web 2.0: “Sponsored By … ” on RSS feeds.

Web 1.0: Square corners
Web 2.0: Round corners

Web 1.0: Dialer
Web 2.0: Phishing

Web 1.0: sitemaps
Web 2.0: huge footers

Web 1.0: ascii
Web 2.0: utf-8

Web 1.0: VRML
Web 2.0: RIA

Web 1.0: discovering
Web 2.0: sifting through

Web 1.0: $sql = “SELECT * FROM tbl_bookings”;
Web 2.0: $this->set(’bookings’, $this->Booking->findAll());

Web 1.0: Groupware
Web 2.0: Semantic Web

Web 1.0: folders
Web 2.0: tags

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