Week 4 dated 7 July 2006 - Chapter 4 Defining the project

We can control only what we have planned


Select a dream

Use your dream to set a goal

Create a plan

Consider resources

Enhance skills and abilities

Spend time wisely

Start! Get organized and go

…. It is one of those acro-whatever, said Pooh.


“We can control only what we have planned”

The five generic steps for provide a structured approach to collecting the project information necessary for planning, scheduling, and controlling the project as follows.

-         Step 1 Defining the project scope

-         Step 2 Establishing project priorities

-         Step 3 Creating the work breakdown Structure (WBS) or process breakdown structure

-         Step 4 Integrating the work breakdown structure (WBS) with the organization

-         Step 5 Coding the work breakdown Structure (WBS) for the information system


Step 1: Defining the project scope

-         Project scope checklist; to ensure that scope definition is complete

o       Project objective; to define the overall objective to meet customer’s need. The project objective answers the questions of what, when, and how much.

o       Deliverables; to expected outputs over the life of the project.

o       Milestones; a significant event in a project that occurs at point in time: to show the major segment of work such as rough-cut estimates of time, cost, and resources for the project. The milestone schedule is built using the deliverables as a platform to identify major segments of work and an end date.

o       Technical requirements; product or service will have technical requirements to ensure proper performance.

o       Limits and exclusions; to be defined the failure to do so can lead to false expectations and to expending resources and time on the wrong problem.

o       Reviews with customer; completion of the scope checklist ends with a review with customer (internal or external). The main concern is the understanding and agreement of expectations.



Choa Praya Small Hydropower Project


Project objective:         

To construct, install and test hydropower equipment 2 units within 30 months at cost not to exceed 779 M.THB.



            1st Stage: Construct power plant building

2nd Stage: Install and test generator and power plant equipment 2x 6 MW

3rd Stage: Provide facility



            Design and review complete with in September 2006

Delivery dated complete with in August 2007

Installation complete with in October 2008

Test Unit 1 complete with in November 2008

            Test Unit 2 complete with in December 2008


Technical requirement:

            In accordant with technical specification


Limits and exclusions:

            Time for efficiency test will perform belong to water level in upstream and down stream (head).


Reviews with customer


o       Operator Department and Maintenance Department for clearly designation and specification before purchasing.

o       Contract Administration Department for review any condition.

o       Purchasing Department for clearly time purchasing requirement and delivery dated.



o       Department of Irrigation: for clearly available area and environment.


Step 2: Establishing project priorities

-         Constrain: meet to the completion date, specifications and budget. Example for built Choa Praya Small Hydropower Project, the constrain is time which should be meet to government policy for renewable portfolio standard (RPS) 5% of power investment in fossil by link to commercial operation dated in 2008 of Songkhla Thermal Power Plant 700 MW.

-         Enhance: given the scope which criterion should be optimized, in this case is performance that shorten installation schedule for economic investment.

-         Accept: criterion is not to meet the original parameters. In this case is cost that may be over budget due to taking overtime and resources for build the performance finish project within time.


Step 3: Creating the work breakdown Structure (WBS) or process breakdown structure

-         Major groupings found in a WBS (Civil work, Electro-mechanical work, Facility work, Administration support)

-         How WBS helps the project manager

-         WBS development


Example:WBS for Choa Praya Small Hydropower Project


Step 4: Integrating the work breakdown structure (WBS) with the organization

-         Define the organizational units responsible for work performance and cost account coding such as…

o       Civil work responsible by civil department

o       Electro-mechanical work responsible by Electro-mechanical department and account coding…

-         1001 for turbine equipment

-         1002 for generator equipment

-         0800 for power plant equipment

·        0801 for switchgear

·        0802 for protection

·        0803 for AC&DC Distribution system

o       Facility work responsible by Service department


Step 5: Coding the work breakdown Structure (WBS) for the information system

            - For my experience, coding the work breakdown Structure (WBS) for the information system not break down in details to lowest manageable sub deliverables, but report on middle sub deliverables about cost for equipment & accessories and variable cost for installation.

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