Where have all the flowers gone?(Letter via e-mail from dad to son)

Where have all the flowers gone?
Where have all the flowers gone
Dear Phu,my son

I am writing to you while I am in Malaysia.   I try to read news about Thailand from Malaysia or see from CNN, there are not good news only chaos and mad about political riot.
Finally I got through internet then I can read more about my favorite thing.
Yes It's Liverpool 5 5 5.
I believed that one day you will love sports and my favorite team then we'll go to An flied stadium in UK together.

I started the subject with where have all the flowers gone,  it came from the old song.
Because in KL-Malaysia I can't find any flowers or I went to wrong place.
Or the municipal of this city they don't like flowers : no flowers in the street or pavement,it's weird.
However KL or Kualalumpur is not congest like Bangkok, there are still have more green area than our Bangkok.
I can breathe with more fresh air in Malaysia.
Next week I will stay with you until Monday, after that I have a program to go to Germany for business trip.
I will send you for a mail again for my trip.
I got painful from Migraine then I have to stop.
Be active and more concentrate with your Mathematics and Sociology.
Miss you and your mom.


PS :Your dad send me a little words;

Darling, please edit mail for where have all the flower gone that it's mean young man and young woman have gone for "war". <-----      "Do you know where have all the flower gone, Phu?" 


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