Characteristic of Research U Part I

1.Academic Freedom

2.Academic Responsibility

Quality Staff in the University

Feel themselves belonging to the university

Response to the a member of the University

3.Quality of the under graduation student experience

Learning outcome and expertise of the student teach them to do discipline

4.Graduate education

Quality graduate education program

5.Student Diversity

Proactive to accept the diversity of the student


คัดเลือกเด็กที่มีความสามารถ ไม่ใช่รับแต่คนมีเงิน

7.Recriuting tenure-tract faculty

8.Tenure review

10 years review by committee and consider by two or more level within the university

คนทีไม่ผ่านการประเมินจะขอให้ early retire

9.The role of non-tenured teaching faculty

Professor of Practice

In the Hospital


High caliber service staff

Performance evaluation

( To be continue)