Test GotoKnow from Cambodia

  Internet Access from Seam Reap Town  

G2K from Cambodia

 Good afternoon our member of G2K. Today I access internet from a internet cafe near my hotel.

 The speed to access G2K in not quite well,actully slow as compare when we connected in Thailand. Some feature of softwear could not access such as heading of the column. I could not load the picture in Cambodia,so you could not see my activities here.

 Anyway we can try to create the Blog and test for the speed here.

 It is very famous to access internet here in Seam Reap which not far away from Thailand as compare to Phnom Phen.

Picture from Cambodia Tourism Authority to show Thiland and Phanom Penh.


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Good afternoon .. Sawatdee Khrub,
   Interesting to come in and read this report. Hope to read various articles on Cambodia  soon. We know a lot about things on the land a long way from us,but very little we know out friends living next door.

สวัสดีตอนบ่าย ที่กัมพูชา มีอะไรดีๆน่าสนใจมาเล่าบ้างคะ

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Dear Pi Handy

 Seam Reap province just like our Thai province 20 years ago. Many tourist visit about 2 millinns people per year. They visit  Nakorn Wat and Nakorn Thom which not far from the center of the city. It's a pity taht  I could not upload the picture from the computer. Tomorrow our team will goback to KhonKane and we'll tell a story and pictures.

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Dear Pi BiBoon

 All pictures and story will be written tomorrow krab.

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Dear Than Ubol

 We'll show the pictures tomorrow krab,today I could not upload.


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