Preecha Pimpan

Thailander relaxes while studying rides bike 15,000 miles.
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University,Sept.8-A University of Alabama catalog on the book self of the college of education in Thailand has brought graduate student Preecha Pimpan bicycling 15,000 miles to enrole for studies on the Capstone campus.

Preecha, pronounced "Preacher", said he compared the graduate work in Alabama's College of Education with catalogs from other schools in the U.S. and made up his mind to come here for his master's degree.

He and his "international" bicycle, made of parts from all differrent countries, left Bangkok Feb.27,1961, and he got to Tuscaloosa Thursday.

In the six interventing months, Preecha bicycled through Burma, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Swiss, France, Luxembourg, West Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Belgium, England, Ireland, Canada, and south from New York to Alabama. His bike flies the flags of 20 countries.

He boarded the ship, Saxony, for the ocean trip from South Hanpton to Montreal.

The 25 years old student was enthusisastic about the U.S. and the people and said, "Everyone has been so friendly and helpful to me"

Already introduced to hamburgers, he began his first breakfast on campus with two, and amitted that rice and egg omlette.

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