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พรทิพย์ ชื่นใจกระบวนการคุณภาพมหาวิทยาลัย

มศก. วิทยาเขตเพชรบุรี
พรทิพย์ ชื่นใจกระบวนการคุณภาพมหาวิทยาลัย
อี-เมล์ ฉบับนี้ลงวันที่ ๗ พย. ๔๘ ครับ
Dear All, Chai laew ka...I feel very fact, since yesterday and this is what happened ka.
I was invited to be on an internal QA team of Silpakorn University to assess its faculty of ICT in Petchburi. It was the first time I went through such an exercise.
What made me feel very happy is the systematic planning of the university to request all the faculties to continue doing it with timeline for all to follow. The university sets up different teams to visit each faculty, encouraging the invitation of outsiders, like me, to join in to give comments on their strengths, weaknesses and other recommendations.
I also noticed that not much was emphasized on the documents prepared according to each of the quality indicators anymore which is a real positive sign....showing the improvement of the overall implementation, the level of understanding of all concerned, and the participation of all the faculties......though some might feel forced still na ka.
It was wonderful to meet the young faculty who've been real committed to teaching and coaching their students, despite heavy workload. Their third-year students, the very first batch of this faculty, were outspoken. I don't know how they taught there but sure has enabled their students to have lots of confidence in expressing their views ka. Ajarn Chaichan, Dean of the ICT Faculty, invited all the lecturers, both part time and full time, to listen to the findings.
When talking informally about the new revised curriculum criteria, Ajarn Chaichan sincerely showed his commitment to follow them, especially the 5 ajarns for one program which has become one of the very hot topics our universities take up for discussion these days. Leadership is always crucial ka.
Now, you know what made me happy na ka. I've been to quite a number of universities, talked and heard from lecturers and administrators about their QA development. What's made me feel 'gloomjai' is that there are a good number of them who only wait for sor+ mor-sor's criteria.....just like what so many did during the first cycle when we didn't have that much understanding about IQA and EQA.
I also hope that authorities concerned will link the results of the EQA's first cycle with their present efforts to ensure continuity and serious improvement. Sor+ gor or should also come in to see what they should support at the macro-level na ka.
Bye now ka. I'll take a day trip to Krabi for our alumni activity. Our Fulbright alumni worldwide has given us $14,000 to help  tsunami-affected areas and so we'll be giving portable libraries together with a workshop on how to use the books there. Should be interesting.....too bad I can't stay on to participate in the workshop because of the Thai-US Education Roundtable. Will give you updates soon ka.
Warm regards.
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๑๙ พย. ๔๘

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