2006-12-03 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My job brought me to Kuala Lumpur. I was here for the workshop on IT for Productivity Specialists.

9 days for this trip
Dec 3-8 : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dec 9 : Malacca, Malaysia (alone)
Dec 10 : Singapore(alone)
Dec 11 : Genting, Malaysia (alone again) and came back to Thailand.
Have a long trip also lose money and also lose sleep...Ha ha!....
Pls. follow-up

The 1st day I flew with Mr.Pichai from TOT by TG. This iron bird touched KLIA's ground (K-LI-A Airport) on Dec 3 at noon. I should proceed to the baggage line but have some problem with Mr. Pichai’s baggage coz he’s check-in to late, his baggage didn’t came with this flight. We waited for 3 hours to reclaim. (Then Mr.Pichai received it on 7 am next day)
KLIA / Baggage Reclaim / Mr. Din (taxi driver)
I took the Budget taxi from airport to Sheraton Subang Hotel, Subang Jaya, Selangor by Airport Limo (M) Sdn. Bhd. only RM49.70 and 45 min. Mr.Din (nice taxi driver) take us to the hotel. He waited us for 20 min. to check-in coz the rain heavily and I’d like to go to KL.

20 min for wait and only RM20 (I think it’s very cheap) from the hotel to the the Sultan Abdul Samad Building and the Merdeka Square where the British flag was lowered for the last time on August 31,1957 and replaced by the new Malaysian flag. So I can’t miss the National History Meseum too, only next to world’s tallest flag pole.

After that We went to the Central market, Wisma shopping mall and China town.
Shopping Shopping and Shopping. I got so many order from my friends in BKK.

Central Market / Wisma / China Town

Longan Water RM1.2 / First meal in KL:Combination noodles RM5.0

Modern transportation that include the Light Rail Transit monorail system and a Rapid Transit monorail system, currently under construction, mean getting around is breeze.
KL still retains its old world charm depicted in the majestic buildings of colonial era, quaint pre-war shop-houses and the way business is conducted. At night, the streets adorned with trees and decorative shrubs, as well as the buildings are colourfully lit to give the city a unique dazzle.

And I have to Thank you NON my Thai friend who provided me the cell phone and to lend Hot Link sim so I can use it to call to my family and friends. It’s very cheap only 20 cent/min to call to Thailand. I just only top-up.

At the hotel before I came back to my room I met a man from Vietnam NPC in the lift. Um…He look like friendly. I think maybe tomorrow I’ve a new friend.
Today I have more fun but Tomorrow is the first day of working.


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