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Stop thinking about politics during Songkran holidays!

Let’s pay attention to sport!


Thais could happily and safely spend Songkran holidays. Stop thinking about politics for a while! Some people took vacation to take a rest with families and visit senior relatives. I am a senior. I have an opportunity to meet younger generation. I also met my older sister as my family representative.

Many people may be surprised why I talk about sport. I am lucky to focus on 3 sport topics.

First, my health started to get better. I have more energy. I exercise during the hot weather of late morning nearly 2 hours a day. It may not be my time to leave this world. Thais may think that 74-year-old people are old. I missed several events especially flying abroad because I am bored.

I am lucky that a doctor advised me how to be calm, meditate and prescribed me supplement dietary. Then, I get better. Normally, I am active person. I would like to leave some lessons to 60-year-old people or above. If they are bored or lack energy, it may come from our mind which never stops working. My life never retires. After my work at Thammasat University, I have interesting works every day. Sometimes, I make presentation for 7-8 hours a day. I enjoy searching for information. When I am bored, I also watch TV.

I read few good books. I did not enjoy reading. Now, I come back to read more good books. I think that I am lucky to have opportunities to spend valuable life.

The second topic is the concept I always mention.

Life must pass pain and failure. We must be able to recover. I called it “No Pain No Gain” or “Learning from Pain” or “Learning from Adversity.” I may match with this formula. I am talking Tiger Woods who is now 43 years old. He did well when he was in his early 20’s. I watched him play in Phuket 20 years ago. At that time, he did very well. He won every time.

During his golden age, I did not cheer him because he won too much. I prefer cheering losers. During the past 10 years, I became more interested in Tiger Woods’ life. He faced a lot of life crisis. It was hard to say. His physical health was awful. He had back operation 4 times. His cervical was hurt. He could not do anything. Then, he wanted to retire because it was very painful for him.

Last week, Tiger Woods did not have back injury any more. He came back to win Masters which was my favorite golf tournament. It was charming. The winners must be the best. 25-year-old golfers or younger groups could play golf very well. However, they could not beat Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods reflected my “Learning from Pain” Theory. I love him now. Prime Minister Prayut’s government should honor him. He is a half Thai. More than 80% of Americans think that Tiger Woods is American. It is time for him to repay to Thais.

The government should invite him as a guest and nominate him to receive some kinds of royal decoration. Prime Minister Prayut loves playing golf so he can take his opportunity to improve Thailand’s image. He should invite Tiger Woods to be an honorary ambassador to promote Thai sport and tourism. Naomi Osaka has Haitian father. However, she loves Japanese so she uses her mother’s last name. I think that Tiger Woods’ mother did not implant Thainess to her son. He should have more gratitude to Thailand.

Finally, I must talk about Spurs which I have been fan for more than 50 years. 2 days ago, I had a sport program honoring the new stadium which is more beautiful, White Hart Lane. I went to see there several times. Recently, nobody has not believed that Spurs would win over Manchester City and went to the Semi Final Round of European League. This was one of the world’s great successes. Normally, Spurs loses in the match against Manchester City. Sometimes, Spurs loses by 3-4 goals. This time, they played twice. Spurs won by Away Goals. I cheered Spurs. I am glad to see Spurs’ success. In the past, I felt envy of Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal fans. All of these teams have already been champions. My Spurs’ latest victory was in 1960-1961. It was long time ago.

You may not blame me if I talk about my favorite subject. The coach said that talent was not enough. The team members must believe that they can make it. They must have fearless character. Spurs did it. Spurs overcame the loser status. Last night victory greatly improved Spurs’ image.

Prof. Dr. Chira Hongladarom

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