World Mental Health Day 2017

Meaningful activities are all around on Mental Health Week at Brunel

                  Every 10 October is the world mental health day. Let’s learn more information from this useful link: Mental Health in the workplace is a theme for this year. In my campus, all staffs are providing the meaningful activities for all students to promote and join this event. Yesterday, after I finished a class, I met volunteers who organized and thought Origami in front of the cash office near the library. Young lady staff encouraged me for doing,  it had many forms such as bird, butterfly. While I had been occupying with my craft with the relaxing songs are accompanied by the pianist. 

I perceived that paperwork is helping me to concentrate, follow the consequences, activate and relax internally my mind. 

Today, there are various activities that I extremely interested in Puppy day activity. I waited in a long queue for watching them, three puppies 1 out of 3 is so huge. The owners are adult women living near Uxbridge. Delan is a big brown hair one.

Besides, one of the elderly guy’s staff told us that pets help someone to remedy the loneliness. Moreover, activity is called Ball Pit that staff allowed everyone for play and touch. Calm and relaxing is their utility. 

In more three days, there stills to go along with sport and exercise activity. I am amazed indeed that people over concern with mental health problem.

Supansa, OTR

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Good job

Can I join your with my origami?  555


Yep, P' Kahjit! You can. There is the same as in Thailand, but different in some methods. Thank you for your encourages as always bro.