Into this world (5) : Ay-Jay is Growing Up

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Many of you have seen and may remember Ay-Jay

Please see Into this world (4) : Baby Possom Ay-Jay…

Here are some pictures of Ay Jay growing up.

Ay Jay had learned to hold the milk bottle for herself. She had about 10cc of warm (cow) milk per feed. Note she is growing nice soft fur and of course extremely sharp claws. Possoms depend on sharp claws for climbing and holding on to trees. At time of conflict, claws are weapons.

Ay Jay now an expert in feeding on bottle. She was very protective of her bottle. She would finish her milk in 5 minutes. Note that she has strong hind feet and strong claws. Raising possoms also means keeping them ‘quiet’ - bad temper or they can rip up the hands that feed her. (My hand is still good ;-)

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Ay Jay enjoys a pice of apple. She has lot of fur now. See how much she has grown up. She no longer fits in my hand now. Possom joeys may stay with mum till they are 10-12 months old. The joeys need mum to teach them about food and or how to get food. Ay Jay will be given fruits and vegetables as well as milk for a few more months. Ay Jay has learned to climb up from my hand to my shoulder in 1 second. It is not funny when you see her track records on my arm ;-)


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