Warm & Dry Autumn 2016

Warm & Dry Autumn 2016

Autumn 2016 down under in Dreamland had passed. It was an unusual event in many yonder years. It was warmer than average by some 2 degrees and drier than aveage by over 100 mm. This dry Autumn right after a dry Summer made it a hot and dry first half of 2016. El Nino was blamed. Climate change was blamed. People via their industries were blamed for burning fossil fuels that released greenhouse gases that warmed our world. Hot and dry weather for prolonged periods is a major problem for farmers or food producers and consumers. Nature and wildlife also suffer. Our best climate scientists say we are heading towards a cliff (to jump to death). We (human) have had chances to avert this catastrophe, but we (stupid human) kept avoiding collaborative actions that may help stabilize climate a in favourable way. Only good news is that the el Nino is over for this time round and his little sister la Nina may come to visit us. She would bring in more rains and cooler temperature.

I post some pics taken in Autumn. They are selected 'wild' pictures of a bushland as it was. They represent an art collection in a different way. Most arts are creation of artists' creativity. To put it another way. Most arts are artificial! These pictures are arts by creative selection of views of 'real and natural' things. Both forms are, in the same way, arts appreciated by viewers from different stands. But they are different in the ways 'certain essence of some reality' are captured and presented. For some people, like me, Nature provides abundance of delights and surprises more than enough for a life time.

<p “=””>{By the dam 3:00 PM – when a reflection is much more vivid than the real thing – life is sometime like that. Stronger in thought!} </p> <p “=””>
</p> <p “=””>{Young and Old are often seen together. Two geese in the distance minding their own business. Just an ordinary mix of reality.} </p> <p “=””>
</p> <p “=””>[Life flows. A usual evening routine - to enjoy calm company of life in safe environment. Thank you Jeanie, Yoyo, M&M the geese (L to R)] </p> <p “=””>
</p> <p “=””> </p> <p “=””>[Another statistics after another Queen’s Birthday Holiday Down-under. Ugly arts!] </p> <p “=””>
</p> <p “=””> </p> <p “=””>[90 degrees - side by side. A look of competition between two gum trees and two geese (far right). Yes. They siblings.]
</p> <p “=”“>OK. To keep our weekend explorers busy, I list some of my posts to ponder. As a learner, a reseacher, an artist, a mind bender, and so on, we come across this many times - we are looking for ‘a right question’ that leads to a right answer and hapiness ever and ever more ;-) </p>

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Belief: Is Learning (a kind of) Believing?

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