One More Summer is Over

One More Summer is Over

It is now Autumn in Dreamland. Officially Autumn begins on 1 March of each year, but Nature does not work on man-created calendar. (Note. calender: [noun] a machine that smooths or glazes paper or cloth by pressing it between plates or passing it through rollers ;-) The open-air temperature at night is around 20C and at day around 30C. It is quite pleasant and far better than being in a 23-28C, padded and isoloated air-conditioned enclosure. We can walk around in shorts and T-shirt. No need for a western suit and (ugly) tie. I often wonder why many men in Thailand wear such heavy cold weather suits, while women (more sensible they are) wear their nice warm-weather dresses. I wonder why men need more 'protection clothing' and air-conditioned environment, when women whose 'work is never done' only need a bare minimum and open air to show their best. For me, I left my suits behind in the city when I went 'bush'. I still have one tie that my dear late sister gave me some 30 years ago. It is not a tie for dressing but a tie of love for remembering.

But on this nice Autumn day let us look around and enjoy our space-time...

[A baby 'tokay' (gecko, ตุ๊กแก) - now we know there are 2 or more tokays around the house.]

[A horned lizard tries to hide in a clump of grass but it takes time to camouflage (blend in with surrounding).]

[A family of king parrots having a meal together. The father has red neck and breast, the mother right in front, the two daughters in the background - still shy to feed off my hand.]

[A lone wood duck looks for left-over from the geese. Periwinkles (Vincas) in flowers in the background.]

[This is 'Green Piles' - a picture taken of my backyard and rendered with GIMP to the same 'look' as the famous 'Blue Poles' (Jack Pollock, at the National Gallery of Australia). Free to print but please acknowledge the source and the name 'Green Piles'.]

There will be more to see (and do) in Autumn. But we should not sit too long. Standing, walking, running, moving about outsides are better for our health and our brain. Enjoy the real world around us.

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Thank you ยายธี :

This กุหลาบพันปี is not really a kind of roses but 1 kind (among 1000 kinds) of azaleas. We have tried to grow them. But they only last till the dry comes. In recent years, we have many and longer dry peariods. So, we have not seen azaleas for some time. Thanks again.

[An arrangement called "Wild Flame" (with red pineapple, spider and mother-in-law-tongue plants in the back yard). ]

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