2015 HoChiMinh 782-788.pdfAbstract With the global competition, technological advances, and fast informed customers, it is important for businesses to make a powerful impact on target audiences and markets. Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) has significantly influenced thinking and acting for all types of business. IMC is more important than former promotion mix, via many types of marketing communication tools affecting the consumer’s buying decision and corporate image. Owing to each tool has advantage and disadvantage particularly but supportively to each other helping to develop brand awareness, which means that consumers translate product information into perceptions about the product’s attributes and its position. The need for an organization properly implements its marketing communication strategies in order to deliver clear, consistent and competitive messages about itself and its products. Hence the interesting in the Thai famous companies’ marketing communication tools selection by its objective was taken to this topic that would be presented the logical aims of media selection. The benefits of this research could be enhance theoretical knowledge from literature reviews and real experiences of key informants which could be added in lesson of Integrated Marketing Communication and case studies, and also apply fact findings to marketing communication plan reasonably for any business. This research was focused on the relationships of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) and marketing communication’s objectives of more than 20-year companies in Thailand. By qualitative study, data was gathered by interviewing from key informants as marketing directors as follows; marketing executives, marketing directors or managers, and/or marketing communication directors or managers. Combining with the marketing plan from the annual reports and performance documents of companies were gathered from Internet and their websites.

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