Tian'anmen Square

 This week our team from University Academic Center,KKU visit Beijing or Forbidden City in the past.

The picture of Tian'anmen Square which we visited on saturday 11th November.

Monument to the People's Heroes in Tian'anmen Square was built in 1958, the carvings at the base of this 10,000 metric tonne marble and granite depict the Chinese people against oppressors starting in 1893 to 1949.

 Our group consisted of 25 staffs from University Acdemic Service Center. This mission was organized by Aj.Surachet our Vice Director. The main purpose was to gave a opporunity  to our staff to visit and learn about the culture and history from China which was not far from Thailand. It took about 4 and half hour by plane. The weather now around 10 degree C. Most of our staff didn't go abroad. This trip gave the chance for them to go abroad.

 We thought that this tour will cheer up all of our staff and made our team be strong for the hard work for next comming year.