At Home This Winter 3

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At Home This Winter 3

It is now late August and Winter is closing for another year. Our lives are lived season by season if we are on a land or moment by moment if we are in a city. For me this Winter has been dry as any other Winter but has not been so cold. And we had not many really cold (under 5C) nights. Most of our trees have survived this Winter and are now waiting for Spring (rains). With some luck, it will be a "normal" beautiful Spring and plentiful Summer again. But, we will wait and see -- as they say "never count your chickens before they hatch (from eggs). [Yes, eggs come before chinkens ;-) -- because trilobites, dinasaurs, etc laid eggs many millions of years before chickens (as we know now) came to our dinners.] Anyway let us see some pics

Many will remember this spot coverd with purple Jacanranda flowers in Spring.

The brown grass in our little prairie poses a risk for a bushfire (all it takes 1 idiot and 1 match or 1 cigarette butt).

Wild doves come to enjoy our hospitality. In Winter food is not easy to find. And to find enough to raise babies back in nests is harder again. So we help out when and what we can.

Rainbow lorikeets never miss a chance for freebees. Do you remember Ryder our snake control officer?

Ryder had been killed for visiting his girlfriend nearby some 2 weeks ago. It is his "karma" as it is our karma and the karma of people who shot him. He was really a "flower" cattle dog, gentle and friendly and eager to play along. RIP mate!

Looking from space (via Google Maps), our house is at the top of the picture, our front dam is the green patch about the middle of the picture, power (330KV grid) lines run across the bushes; a highway (#52) runs across down the bottom of the picture; and the green spot just above the highway is our entry gate with old mango trees -- so our driveway is some 300+m from the gate to the house.

Welcome to Dreamland ;-)

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These "rainbow lorikeets" (a kind of parrots) are "wild". They come and go when and where they like. We put some (not wild; bird) seeds (sunflower seeds, wheat, millets, wild rice, and other grass seeds) on a tray and some water in bowls (near the our rain guage at the the top of a wooden post) everyday. About this time near the end of Winter, wild seeds are hard to find, so they come. Some days, 50-60 of them flock the tray and the bowls. They are quite chatty and easily excited. Though some are brave and would come to eat seeds on our hands. Most would fly off when we approach.

The doves in the picture above this one are also wild. They somehow come to eat what the lorikeets leave behind. There are also king parrots; galahs; finches; natives minors; honey eaters; ... even a regular visiting butcher bird.

Australia is a harsh land; and we have these seasonal "migrants" (or refugees) from drier inlands (desert areas near centre of the continent) every Winter. Most of them go back in Spring. Many stay on though ;-) -- just like human migrants we hear about on the media.


Wow ,there are many doves and birds.


เมืองไทยไม่มี Rainbow lorikeets ค่ะ สวยและราคาแพง

นกตระกูลนี้บ้านเราเห็นไกลๆ ในธรรมชาติ ที่มาใกล้ๆ บ้านเรือนไม่มี นอกจากตัวที่ถูกจับมาขังกรง หรือผูกไว้กับคอน เพราะเขาสวย ความสวยจึงเป็นภัย ทำให้ราคาสูง

นกเมืองไทยไม่เชื่องเพราะคนไทยใจร้ายกับสัตว์ นกเมืองนอกจะเชื่องกว่า เข้าใกล้คนมากกว่า


สวัสดีค่ะ เอามาฝากอีกตัวค่ะ

เคยมีนกแบบนี้อพยพไปบ้างมั้ยคะ นุ่งกางเกงลายขวางขาบาน สวยไม่แพ้นกRainbow lorikeets ที่บ้านคุณ เอส อาร์เลยนะคะ

นกเขาเยอะมากนะคะ เชื่องมาก ที่บ้านในเมืองไทยเดี๋ยวนี้นกเขามาเดินให้เห็นมากมาย เชื่องมาก เมื่อก่อนคิดว่ามีน้อย เห็นแต่ในกรงที่คนเลี้ยงเอาไว้แข่งขัน นกหลายชนิดมาจากไหนก็ไม่ค่อยมีความรู้ มาที่บ้านเยอะ แมวนั่งมองจนเบื่อค่ะ เดี๋ยวนี้เขามองเฉย ๆ ไม่ค่อยตะปบแล้ว บางวันมีเวลาว่างนั่งชมนกชมไม้ที่บ้านเพลินดีค่ะ แต่ไม่มีป่าสวย ๆกว้างใหญ่แบบที่บ้านคุณเอส อาร์ ไว้เดินเล่น ไม่มีก็ดีเหมือนกันไม่ต้องคอยตัดแต่ง(คิดแบบ องุ่นเปรี้ยว ค่ะ)


Thanks ขจิต ฝอยทอง, the world can be very beautiful and plentiful when we look 'peacefully'.

Dear nui; I have not valued lorikeets in money term. Now let us see $4 a week on bird seeds; some 4-5 hours a week in time to put out water and seeds and clean up the mess they make; countless hours in watching them and wondering how marvelous they can fly, quarrel, show tenderness and affection to their 'mate'... Some are brave enough to eat off our hands!

Thank you GD; That is a fabulously multi-colored (not black) bird. Out of interest I did a Google image search and learned a little more about "Collared Trogon" (Trogon collaris) of Colombia.

Yes, doves and grain eaters (including cockroaches, mice, rats, and many birds) are coming back strongly because grain production around the world is up and up.

I think in living with trees (forests), we have to pay to keep our "vanity" on the level ;-) -- Nature has no 'pride' just variations (or mutations) to fit opportunities in environment.