​Peace and conflict prevention and resolution in Betong district ,Yala province ,Thailand .(1)

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For sure we want peace to come back .

Peace and conflict prevention and resolution in Betong district ,Yala province ,Thailand .(1)

In the social media face book this morning I read a post about the opinion to the controversial of Southern most Three provinces (Yala ,Pattanee and Naratiwaat )and 4 more districts of Songkha .Many people asked a lot of questions of the authorize action .

1.If there aren't explosions ,the budget will not come ,Isn't it .

2.Is now the terrorists strong enough to made so many explosions more then 50 series bombs within only 3 days .

3.Is the lost of life and injuring people appropriate to the compensation they got ,the sadness of the family members can calculate 'How much ?"

The owner of the posted had putted 4 opinions but overhear I think better just translate only three .Then many many comments from the reader came out .

Who do that ??

So many cases that the military have take advance to female but we dare not to talk .(Is it true ?)

Now so many local people had escaped to Malaysia avoiding the authorize will be arrest them ,they work at Tom Yum restaurants (Tom Yum mean sour spicy soup in Thai style .)but during the New year festival or religion holyday they will come back even there have arrest warrants (temporary allow to come back in the festival only )Ect ..Ect ..ect…

Then many commentators posted picture too guarantee their stories brought more detail and evidence showing that many stories they cann't patient any more .

The posted was chatting among people in Betong to showed what they concern and keep asking ,When will the situation will be solve .What is the solution ?

For sure we want peace to come back the small group of people start to discuss .

What could we do ?? see more in the link (almost one year car bomb in Betong .http://news.sanook.com/1636941/)

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I can't imagine how life is -- living with almost daily terror and violence.

It seems that terrorist groups are doing more to harm local people. Aren't some terrorists harming their friends and neighbours? Or are these terrorists from outside? Where are they from? Who give them money, weapons, transport, accommodation and food -- so they can terrorize our friends and neighbours?

Yes! There are a lot of questions that we need to ask among us and to ask our/Thailand (government) security forces. It is a goal of any government to keep peace and safe living conditions everywhere within the country's boundary. In countries where this goal fails people go out to seek safe and peaceful place to live (as we have seen African migrants flee to Europe, tribes in Syria and Iraq flee to Turkey, the Rohingyas flee to open seas, and so on).

Would Thais in Betong and the surround areas have to flee from their homes and ancestral land to seek asylum in other countries? Over 10 years of living in terror is enough reason for UNHCR to consider giving them aid and safe passage -- to peace!