Ibnu Ahmad
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ความรู้มาก่อน (1) มารยาทมาที่สอง (2) จินตนาการมาที่สาม (3)

K + M = I

K = Knowledge
M = Manner
I = Imagination

(3) เกิดจาก free-will ที่จะอยู่ภายใต้เงื่อนไข (1) กับ (2) หรือไม่
ถ้าหากไม่แล้ว การเนรคุณ/ทุจริต/ก้าวร้าว ก็จะเกิด

แต่เมื่อ M มีค่ามากๆ จะทำให้เกิดศรัทธา (หน่วยวัดของอีหม่านคืออัคลาค) แล้ว

K + M = Intelligence

'อิกเราะ' ฯ

After the soul of Adam joined his body, Allah ‪#‎bestowed‬ (1) on Adam the knowledge of the names of everything. Allah gave Adam that knowledge without a teacher, i.e., without Adam having to learn from someone to acquire that knowledge. Then Allah ordered the angels to prostrate to Adam out of respect for this special new creation (not out of worship). Iblis was living with the angels, so he, also, was ordered to prostrate to Adam. The angels prostrated to Adam because all the angels are obedient; they do not disobey Allah. Iblis, however, was arrogant. He objected to Allah. Iblis said, "I was created from fire, and he was only created from soil, so why should I prostrate to him? I will not." By his statement Iblis meant that Allah was not just in ordering him to prostrate to Adam. Thus, by objecting to Allah and His order, Iblis blasphemed. This was the first blasphemy Iblis committed.
When Adam's soul joined with his body, he sneezed, then said, ‪#‎alhamdulillah‬ (2)" Thus, the first words Adam uttered were in praising and thanking Allah. Adam stayed in Paradise for a period of time. During that period Allah created Hawwa' (Eve), Adam's wife. She was tall, suitable for the height of Adam who was sixty cubits tall and seven cubits broad. Hawwa' (Eve) was created from one of Adam'sribs. Ibnu ^Abbas said that Allah created Hawwa' (Eve) from the shortest rib on Adam's left side.


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