• Spirituality:

The search for the Sacred. A conscious striving to move beyond isolation and self-absorption to a deeper awareness of interconnectedness with the self, other human beings and the transcendent. (Health Ethics Guide)

Spirituality is the belief system focusing on the intangible elements that impact vitality and meaning to life's events. (Maughans...The SPIRITual History, Archives of Family Medicine, 5:11-16)

  • Healing:

Healing is more than curing a disease. Healing takes into account the wholeness of the person, recognizing the interrelationship of body, mind and spirit. It involves the restoration of balance and acknowledges the role spirituality and/or religious belief can play in the healing process.

เอามาจากเวปไซต์งานประชุมวิชาการของ Providence Health Care เรื่อง "Naming & Claiming Spirituality: the invisible ingredient in health & healing" (May 2-3, 2006)