Managing Project Team

Presented by Anupon Naksut
      Hi guys ,I have the new project management knowledge to us again, Today I am going to talk about managing project team that is one of the very important step that all project managers have to do to complete the project. 

What Is A "Team"?"

     Team is a group organized to work together to accomplish a set of objectives that cannot be achieved effectively by individuals."

Characteristics of a Team
  • It must be an awareness of unity on the part of all its members.
  • It must have interpersonal relationship and the members must have a chance to contribute, learn from and work with others.
  • The member must have the ability to act together toward a common goal.
Building the Project Team      'Team Building' is the process of motivating and enabling that group of people to reach their goal and These are some stages involved in team building:
  • To clarify the team goals
  • To build ownership and commitment to those goals across the team
  • To identify those issues which inhibit the team from reaching their goals
  • To address those issues, remove the inhibitors and thereby enable the goals to be achieved
     And we can also say that in any project we need to get the right team together in order to deliver a successful result and we always have the phases of team development are commonly referred to as Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. Managing Project Teams           Project teams need to be capable of operating flexibly, responding quickly to new requirements and ultimately be capable of delivering clearly identifiable outcomes. This do focuses on what we can do to make our project team achieve its outcomes successfully. It considers issues such as what makes an effective and successful project team, the different leadership styles, how to keep our team motivated, and the project life cycle and how to assess our project team competencies



Characteristics Of Good Team Building

  • High level of interdependence among team members
  • Team leader has good people skills and is committed to team approach
  • Each team member is willing to contribute
  • Team develops a relaxed climate for communication
  • Team members develop a mutual trust
  • Team and individuals are prepared to take risks
  • Team is clear about goals and establishes targets
  • Team member roles are defined
  • Team members know how to examine team and individual errors without personal attacks
  • Team has capacity to create new ideas


     We can conclude that a team is a group of people working towards a common goal and Team building is a process of motivating and enabling the team to achieve that goal and the nature of the team building will varies in terms of scale, and what we are trying to achieve so to success in our project,we can say that the team is very important to all project managers to use to run the project to get everything going well along with the project life to reach our set goal.

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