WOI Case study

By Anupon Naksut

Question 1st
   In my opinion , i think Young should listen to everyone in the meeting and get some notes for the importance data for having better job in the future not only this Young should try to explan what happen along with her project

Question 2nd
   The big mistake of Young in her project , in my opinnion , i think that she should have some more connection and communication with all staffs and everyone in the institute because we could not know everything in this place not only this she shall control in some risk and uncertainty that may be occur in her project and also should report in everything to her boss to take control all things still going well.

Question 3rd
     I thing she could manage herself first before getting better with everything , in my opinion , i think she is very good worker but she is not good enough to be the mamager because she try to do just her jobs by do not care with each others people so she shall namage in communicate, connect and control everything in her project for getting better project next time.

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