Chapter 9 : Reducing Project Duration

  Reducing the time of a critical activity usually incurs additional direct costs.  

   All of the project managers may face this problem “ Can the project complete before plan?” and the answer is up to idea of each project manager. There are many ways to reduce project duration such as adding resources, scheduling overtime, reducing project scope, etc.

   When you talk about the Time it refer to the Cost too. As we know from the text book “ Reducing the time of a critical activity usually incurs additional direct costs.” How much the cost when you want to reduce the project time? This chapter is talk about that. From the class we know that you can’t put twice resources to complete the project fast. Example when you put more labor in the field there will be crowded of the people so labor hard to do their activity.

   In the calculation part, the example from the text book is easy to calculate but when we want to do with the real project it is more complicate. It look like logistic system you have to try every path and choose the best result. We can use the program computer to help us.

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