glossory of legal term

ติดตาม ผู้ติดตาม 



                                    Glossoly of legal term (ต่อ)  

Jurisdiction                 The right in  international law

                                    for a state to exercise authority

                                               over its national  and   persons

                                               and things in it  territory, and

                                               sometimes abroad ( extraterritorial )

jus ad bellum             The law on the use of force

  jus cogen                     Peremptory rule of law

jus in bello                 The law of armed conflict

lex ferenda                  Law which is being sought  to


lex lata                        Established law

lex specialis                   A specific legal rule  which is

                                      an exception to a general rule

memorandum of understanding   Name given to both

                                          treaties and MOUs

MOU                                 A non- legally binding

                                         international Instrument

Negotiating state             A state which took part in 

                                       the  drawing up   and  adoption

                                       the   text of treaty

norm                              Imprecise term

opinion juris                   General belief by states that a

                                        non- treaty    rule is legally
                                                  binding on them

party                              A state is which has

                                      consented       to be bound     by

                                               a treaty and  is  in force

primary legislation       Law made by a legislature

                                    second    legislation

private international law    The domestic law dealing

                                    with  cases with a   foreign element

ratification                    Following  signature, the

                                   expression of   state’s consent to

                                             bound by a treaty

rebus  sic stantibus    A fundamental change of


res communis               Land or sea that can be use

                                   by any state or is  subject to

                                            common regime

retorsion                     Retaliatory act which is not


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