Bantak community hospital is a rural hospital that was established since 1973. it changed from Medical and Health care center (1973) to District hospital(1980) to Community hospital (1984) and now it is 60 inpatient-beds size hospital since 2000. (The community hospital in Thailand MoPH is classified in the size of inpatient-bed from 10-30-60-90-120 beds if 160 or over it will be the General hospital and if over 500 beds it will be the Regional Hospital ) For the times of 32 years ago, it was changed the directors for 23 directors so the development of the hospital is discontinuity. Now the number of citizen in  responsibility  are 50,110 people(Male   24,454 , Female  25,556 ) in Bantak district, Tak province that was divided in 7 sub-districts, 78 villages. There are 2 types of the Local government in Bantak district. (2 Municipalities and 6 Sub-district Administrative Officers) It has 151 staff that administrate by 16 people Hospital Administrative board. The community has participation in Hospital policy by Hospital Development board that selected from community. In 2004, it delivered 102,336 visits of outpatients, 4,418 inpatient services with 72% bed occupation rate and length of stay 3.1 days.

Growth & Development of Bantak Hospital

1973                       Medical and Health Center                              

1976                       District Hospital 10 Beds-Size        

1984                       Community Hospital 10 Beds-Size

1991                       Community Hosp. 20 Beds-size (Donation)

1996                       Community Hospital 30 Beds-Size

2000                       Community Hosp. 60 Beds-Size (Donation)

2001                       New OPD Building (Donation)