On June 30, 2006 the class was talking about "Learning Process use KM methodology" before we get start the chapter 3. That brought me to know there are 2 types of knowledge, Explicit Knowledge and Tacit Knowledge. The teacher recommends students to fulfill the Blog with the Tacit Knowledge which means the knowledge that come from the experiences and skill not from the theory or analysis. That was shown this Blog is combine of some parts from text book and my experiences. If the readers do not understand some theories or need more descriptions then the readers can found it in the text books.     

   Chapter 3 is concerning 2 parts about the Organizing Projects, Structure and Culture. Those are the way to digest the several organizing projects by the tangibleness and intangibleness. The structure is the visible things and can separate the Organizing Projects in 4 types. As shown
1. Organizing Projects within the Functional Organization.
2. Organizing Projects as Dedicated Teams.
3. Organizing Projects within a Matrix Arrangement.
4. Organizing Projects within Network Organization.

   The project that I ever do is the pilot project of making the bidding documents to CD-ROM. That can define in the Organizing Projects within the Functional Organization. Cause the director of my department form teams from the members in several divisions and they have to including the new responsibility of the projects in the original work. So I have 2 jobs in the same times that confusing me to work and reduce my working times. The project was done well. Because of the teams were familiar with the job in the project and have not to take the times to understand it. And another reason is the director of my department decides to choose the over-time work for this project so it was good for the teams.