KM ในวัฒนธรรมเอเซีย  : 2. ต้องการโมเดลพิเศษหรือไม่

คำถาม : Do you think, there is a need to develop customized KM models for Asian corporates based on the Asian values?

 คำตอบของ Mark Winslow : Important question. Thanks for raising it.

 It seems to me the starting point has to be to create a safe space to

contribute ideas, i.e. a space where deference to hierarchy etc. are set

aside and there are not negative consequences from letting ideas flow.


This is fundamental cultural change and requires that top leadership show

the way. They must make it clear that the space is safe, through public

pronouncements and valuable incentives.


The problem with many KM initiatives is the leadership starts them as

middle-management-level experiments, not committing itself until it sees

whether its a winner or not. But especially in hierarchical organizations

the rank-and-file will not commit until they see the leadership do so first.

Doom from the start.


If top leadership is clearly committed and they make that clear to other

levels of management, then there are many techniques that can be put into

play to overcome habits of reticence.

 Mark Winslow

[email protected]

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