The Silk Innovation Center’s mulberry and silk products for health and beauty

The Silk Innovation Center’s mulberry and silk products for health and beauty

The Silk Innovation Center’s mulberry and silk products for health and beauty

Silk Innovation Center

At present, the Silk Innovation Center (SIC) at Mahasarakham University has developed and produced three mulberry and silk products for health and beauty. They are:

1. Mulberry green tea

The SIC adopted the technology for producing mulberry green tea from The Queen Sirikit Institute of Sericulture. The technology was further developed as a specific identifiable product of Mahasarakham University. The product has been widely accepted among those who love to drink tea. The mulberry leaves of Burirum 60 (BR 60) and Nakornratchasima 60 (NM60) varieties are rich in essential amino acid, high calcium content and some antioxidant substances such as: quercetin, kaempferol and total polyphenols. As an additional plus, mulberry green tea consists of 1- deoxynojirimycin (DNJ), the most healthful component to reduce sugar in blood, widely interested in by the scientific community.

2. Mulberry juice and mulberry wine

We have already known that mulberry fruit contains high amounts of anthocyanin substances, which are antioxidants. Like mulberry leaves, mulberry fruits are composed of quercetin and kaempferol. In addition, they also have folate or folic acid as their components. This acid plays an important role in the building of spinal cord tissues in infants and clarity of thinking. Because of its nice color and taste, mulberry fruit can be consumed fresh as well as used for making juice and wine.

3. Silk soap

This product is for skin care. The soap is made of silk sericin. The special properties of the sericin serve as a skin moisturizer by raising the moisten of the skin by more than 300 times by weight. This means that the “sericin” substance is able to protect the wearer from UV light while being compatible with human skin. Also, the sericin can be produced as a silk polymer in the form of facial foundation cakes and similar products.


The SIC at Mahasarakham University is planning to broaden its assortment of mulberry and silk products beyond the existing health and beauty products, for instance probiotic beverages, silk powder foundations and various kinds of food will be developed.

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