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 I got this article from Khun Porntip which is very interesting,please enjoy..
 I think this article is real interesting for us in the QA circle to see what best fits our needs, directions, culture and contexts too without being defensive na ka.
Yesterday, I attended my judicial training program and enjoyed a session given by Khun Nitipoom (Thai Rath columnist) ka. His experiences working to reform Vietnamese education are amazing ka. He said we always thought of money first when wanting to launch a reform. He helped Vietnam to do it in the central region of the country without having to spend anything.
What was done was to ask students (basic education) to answer 5 questions every day as their daily homework ka. The questions are:
  1. What good deeds have you done today?
  2. What have you helped your parents today?
  3. What has happened in your neighborhood today?
  4. What has happened in your country today?
  5. What has happened in anywhere around the world today?
He said by so doing, students learn moral and ethical values, develop closer ties with their parents, learn more about their own neighborhood, country and the world, all of which would help pave a strong foundation for their future. The implementation was a big success and he said he was asked to permit this central region to name a school after his name!!
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