English for Communication skills Unit 3

English for Communication skills

  Unit 3

Basic Checks –Weight, Height, temperature and blood pressure Weight and Height 

Nurse               :     Please come in. I would like to take your weight   

Patient              :     Okey.

Nurse               :     Please take off your shoes and stand on the scales.

Patient              :     Sure.

Nurse               :     Right. Your weight is 62.6 kilograms.

Patient              :     Realty?

Nurse               :     Yes

                              Now I need to check you height.

                              Please come over here and stand up straight with your back to the wall.                  

Patient              :     Like this?

Nurse               :     That’s right.

                              Your height is 173 centimeters.      

Patient              :     Yes, that’s right.

Nurse               :     Please put your shoes on and sit here next to the table



Nurse               :     I am going to take your temperature now.

Patient              :     All right.

Nurse               :     Open your mouth, please.

I am going to put the thermometer under your tongue.

Please close your mouth softly.

Please keep I closed for about one minute.

Okay, please open your mouth.


Patient              :     What’s my temperature?

Nurse               :     37.6 C. It is normal.

Patient              :     That’s good.

   Blood pressure  

Nurse               :     May I take your blood pressure?

Patient              :     Yes, of course.

Nurse               :     Please roll up your left sleeve. Put your arm on the table.

      Please roll your arm over.

      Now I am going to pump up the pressure and release it slowly.

Patient              :     What is my blood pressure?

Nurse               :     It is a little high. One hundred and fifty over ninety.

Patient              :     Oh.

Nurse               :     I would lije to take it again in  about 30 minutes just to double check.

Patient              :     Sure. No prolem.   


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